Southbank-IT is made up of some very talented people. Our people make the business and the team work very hard to deliver results.

Francis Toye (Managing Director)

Francis has been in the IT industry so long that when he joined most people didn’t even have calculators. Honestly yes – that is true. When not at work he enjoys travelling, reading, running and perhaps best of all skiing. He has even been known to play the very occasional game of tennis and golf. He is also a bit of a news and political geek. Any time left over is spent with his family – two daughters, one a consultant and one at university, and young son.

Naveed Sheikh (CEO)

After graduating from University with a degree in Business and Information Systems, Naveed chose a sales/ account management career path and has been working at Southbank-IT for over 9 years. Naveed’s passion is looking after customers’ needs and insuring they are provided with a quality service.

As CEO at Southbank IT he is in charge of business strategy, growth, commercials, sales and account management. Thanks to his excellent contribution, Southbank-IT have grown into an exciting, growing and expanding organisation specialising in IT, Cloud, Telephony & connectivity solutions for small and medium sized businesses

Wayne Eastman (Technical Director)

Wayne has been in computing for over 10 years since graduating from University where he studied Computer Science. He has been responsible for implementing various IT solutions for clients while at Southbank-IT.