Internet & Telephony

Telephony often forms a significant part of an organisations ongoing expenses – and VoIP (essentially making phone calls using the internet) can offer a great way to cut those costs.

Southbank-IT offers the outstanding VoIPCortex platform, an optimised, powerful range of solutions that suit a broad set of budget and systems requirements.

  • Cost effective solutions ideal for up to 100 users or beyond with no per user or additional license fees
  • Wide choice of handsets and accessories available, with no proprietary lock in
  • Use video calling, unified messaging, email and web-based access to voicemails, fax to email, remote working and mobile twinning functionality, all included with the solution at no extra cost
  • With VoIPCortex you can mix traditional fixed-line telephony with VoIP, offering the best way to achieve low costs, high reliability and ease of use.


To find out how Southbank-IT can help you gain the maximum benefit from the latest VoIP technologies, hit the contact button now, or email for a response within 15 minutes.