How We Work

Customer Charter

Our customers are the principal reason for our existence and customer satisfaction means everything to our business. We are committed to providing you with a high and consistent level of customer service. Our Customer Charter, supported by all our employees, makes the following six promises covering the basics of our commitment to you:

  1. Provide a consistently reliable service to all our customers
  2. Always provide trustworthy advice
  3. Ensure our solutions offer real value for money
  4. Ensure we are always available and accessible
  5. Keep our promises
  6. Protect our customer’s information systems from external threats

Our Service Level Agreements

Southbank-IT’s Work Practice

Southbank-IT uses smart technology to assist in the supply of goods and services to our customers. Some of our technology is agent based and provides information to us about the health and fitness of your computer systems. This technology allows us to offer a pro-active service to customers helping to ensure uptime is maximised.

Southbank-IT agree maintenance windows with all customers which is a time period when Southbank-IT engineers can safely deploy updates and changes to the IT system. This is essential for ensuring maximum uptime. Most maintenance windows are arranged for an out of hour’s period often between 6pm and 8pm. Usually for most customers, one window a week is sufficient. Southbank-IT team and the customer are not required to attend the customer premises during the maintenance window. All work is scheduled and can be carried out remotely.

Southbank-IT always provides a strategic based service to all clients. We prefer to look at the longer term aims of IT within the business to allow us to appropriately suggest the right direction. Everything we do is based around a long term commitment to the customer. This strategic approach often differentiates us from our competitors.

Southbank-IT pride themselves on the high standards of customer satisfaction expected from all employees. At the heart of all our service offerings is the relationship with the customer. This is why we continually strive to better ourselves and ensure the customer is 100% happy with our service.