Cloud Services


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What is the cloud?

‘The cloud’ refers to the storage and access of your computers data and applications via the internet. Previously, this information was stored on your computer’s hard-drive; however our cloud services allow you to access your files from anywhere.

Cloud Services

What makes our cloud services different?

At Southbank-IT, we are one of very few IT companies to host our own cloud at our London office. This means we are able to provide cloud services tailored to your businesses requirements because we can maintain, support and customize our own cloud. With our cloud services, you’re not just another number

Why should you move to the cloud?

It couldn’t be simpler, when moving to The Cloud, all updates, patching and alert responses are completed by the team at Southbank-IT so all the hard work is done for you! The main benefits of cloud computing includes:

  • Improved IT security– have you ever lost your laptop or tablet? Well, now you can have all your data backed up in one place so if you lose your device then you will not lose your data and files as this will be stored in the Cloud
  • Cost effective– Save money on idle computers as you only pay for what you use. Also you will not have to spend money on hardware, software or licensing fees resulting in low upfront costs and fixed on-going costs.
  • Access any files any time, from any location – As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your files from any location.
  • Disaster recovery – once you begin to rely on Cloud-based services, complex disaster recovery plans will not be necessary as Cloud solutions will take care of any issues you may have
  • Increased collaboration– once information is updated or synced, this data will be collaborated across the Cloud server so updates are noticed once they take place
What services do we offer?

Southbank-IT has the expertise to help make the move, and to manage and exploit the Cloud for maximum benefit. Based on the offer of lower costs, zero capital expenditure, and greater reliability and security, businesses of all sizes are now moving services, applications and data to the Cloud.

Cloud Services London

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