Why should I choose Southbank-IT?

Southbank-IT provide an optimum level of service at all times, we won’t confuse you with technical jargon, and you will even have a dedicated account manager to talk you through everything in simple terms. We place quality and excellence in the forefront of everything we do – all we need is an opportunity to prove it.

What is the procedure?

To work with us, the first step is to get in touch be that by email, phone or letter. We will take some information (see our request a call back button) and one of our account managers will give you a call to arrange a suitable time to meet. We provide a full free audit as part of our service to determine exactly what it is you need – this is also an opportunity to prove our quick response times as well as our exceptional technical abilities. As each customer is different, so too are our packages so we tailor a solution around your business and what you need.

Do Southbank-IT provide hardware and software?

In an answer – Yes. Southbank-IT will provide both hardware and software as part of your solution, acting as your main point of contact for all your requirements, therefore saving you time and money.

What service level agreements do Southbank-IT offer?

We are flexible – We offer guaranteed response times to ensure the impact of any IT issue is minimal.

Why should I choose an outsourced IT support over in-house?

IT is expensive! Finding, keeping, maintaining, and updating your IT resources can also be time consuming. If you have an outsourced solution the responsibility falls on the shoulders of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have been doing this since 1994.

Do Southbank-IT tailor their solutions or are they off the shelf?

As above, all of our solutions are tailored to your needs, we have a wide range of services for you to choose from.

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