Why You Shouldn’t Outsource to a Large IT Support Company

Bigger doesn’t always mean better

The decision to trust a large IT support company with outsourcing your technical support can lead to very different outcomes. Many large corporations promise clients that they are able to fix more problems in a shorter amount of time because they possess greater resources.

However, many large corporations fail to reach these promises. After a couple of support calls, the shortcomings of outsourcing your IT support to a large corporation become apparent. In this blog we discuss the potential impacts of choosing to outsource your technical support to a large IT support company.

Large IT Support Company


One of the first key differences you will find is familiarity. After you’ve endured the long hold times you experience whilst calling a large corporation for support, you are likely to talk to a person you will never communicate with again. Often, large companies will contract inexperienced agency staff to meet demand. Additionally, if you are a small company, they will likely never give you access to their top-tier support technicians.

On the other hand, with a smaller IT support company you have access to a personal IT support group. Firstly, this means you quickly become familiar with members of the team and start to build relationships immediately. Secondly, as these IT support staff begin to understand your business they are able to implement solutions which are particular to your company.


The ability for a large IT support company to offer their price plan on their website homepage is very attractive from an accessibility viewpoint. Unfortunately, technically speaking, these price plans leave very little room for flexibility. Large-scale IT companies have to operate to their own set standards, any services implemented outside of their guarantee can be very costly to your business.

Smaller IT support companies are responsive to your needs; this enables them to create bespoke packages. Their flexible packages work out the best combination of support, monitoring, maintenance and recovery that suits your businesses precise needs.

Cloud services

The cloud has caught the interest of many small-medium enterprises. Cloud computing enables you to access and store your data via the internet. This cuts costs and speeds up your operations with business continuity benefits.

However, you must take precautions before giving another business control of your data. Large corporations like ‘Microsoft Azure’ claim to offer an “open, flexible and a secure” cloud service. However, when you need to contact customer support, you’re simply a number to them. Online forums are filled with clients giving negative feedback on their customer service experiences with Microsoft Azure.

Our cloud services

Unlike the typical large IT support company, Southbank-IT understands that when your personal data is in the hands of another company, the last thing you want to be is a number to them. Southbank-IT is the perfect sized IT support company, we are small enough to provide personal support and large enough to ensure we can support all your IT needs.

We are a one-stop-shop for all our clients IT support needs. If you want to find out more

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