The benefits of two-factor authentication for businesses

We often get asked about the benefits of two-factor authentication (2FA) for companies.

That’s because businesses are getting more and more concerned about protecting their data.

We’ve already looked at how to make your passwords safer but now we can take the security one step further by adding in another layer of protection.

Here we look at the benefits of two-factor authentication…

A new layer of protection for your business with 2FA

The primary goal of employing 2FA is to provide added protection, which will help stop cyber criminals hacking into your system.

Imagine a castle being locked and then surrounded by a moat – it’s bound to be more secure.

The two factors are normally a standard password and then a one-time password, which can be sent to an application on a phone or separate device.

They work much like the calculator-type devices now used in internet banking such as the Secure Key used by HSBC.

Increased flexibility with users logging on to a shared system

2FA is a fantastic way of increasing flexibility within your company.

The protection method allows multiple users to securely log on to a shared system.

If a user needs to work from home then 2FA makes it easy for them to securely access the company’s databases.

Similarly if you or one of your users needs to travel to a meeting or work while getting into the office then they can sign in on the move saving time.

An early warning system someone is trying to hack your system

Another one of the benefits of two-factor authentication is it can provide an early warning if someone is trying to hack into your system – depending on what 2FA you employ.

If you use a secondary device where a second code or password is sent to it then you will be able to see if someone is trying to hack into your system if the code pops up when you are not trying to log in.

If you know someone is trying to break in then you can take action to protect your data.

You don’t need to be an IT whizz to reap the benefits

If you say 2FA to a lot of people you are likely to be met with a blank stares or at best  vague recognition.

But actually the process is extremely simple and intuitive.

Most people know how to enter a password and it is just a case of working the secondary device – whether that be a smartphone app or biometric device which a lot of people already use with their phones.

The benefits of two-factor authentication: The conclusion

Employing 2FA is a bit of a no-brainer.

It really is simple to do and shouldn’t cost much money.

On top of that you are protecting against loss of data which could lead to loss of confidence from clients.

It isn’t a guarantee you won’t be hacked but it goes some way to protecting your business and your data.